Daniel M. Bade is a superior family dentist who uses the latest technologies to give his patients the best possible experience. Most people put off going to the dentist, because they’re afraid of what could happen. So, they put off the regular maintenance that’s needed for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

Putting off going to the dentist can lead to more invasive dental procedures that can often be unpleasant, but regular cleanings and dental visits can keep you from having to go through these painful and potentially expensive procedures. Bade DDS is a family dentist that always promotes the use of preventative measures so you can keep your teeth healthy, and we can take care of you and your entire family.


Preventative dentistry can reduce the risk of many serious tooth conditions, and it can be done in many different ways. Two of the most important ways to prevent cavities, enamel wear, and other problems is to brush your teeth daily and schedule regular dental visits. Be sure to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, and you should change your toothbrush at three to four times a year. Flossing can also be beneficial, because it can clear out anything that gets stuck in the tight spaces between your teeth.

One of the most important parts of preventative family dentistry is to do annual cleanings and exams, because it will allow the dentist to notice any serious problems so it can be taken care of before they get worse. People who do regular dental cleanings (along with daily brushing and flossing) are less likely to experience discomfort during cleaning, but people who don’t may feel some discomfort.

If you want to find a place for family dentistry Hammond IN, the office of Bade DDS has everything you need to make sure your family’s dental needs are taken care of. We will give you the most comprehensive care you will find in the area. Not only can we do standard dental procedures, but we can also perform oral surgery with a YSGG laser that will minimize your discomfort. This procedure reduces the need for anesthetics, and it results in very little bleeding.


Taking care of your children’s dental needs is important for making sure that they grow healthy adult teeth, and it can play a major role in maintaining their overall health. Baby teeth are important to your child’s development. Healthy teeth can help them to chew food properly, and  is important in developing good pronunciation and speech habits. They will guide permanent teeth into place, so children who lose them too early may need a space maintainer (which is used to hold the natural space that’s needed to grow permanent teeth properly).

Many children can be  afraid of going to a family dentist, and we have a number of techniques for dealing with these types of fears and anxieties. We can use nitrous oxide or apply a general anesthetic while in a hospital setting.Our staff is trained tomanage these issues in a way that will be comfortable. We want to give your child a gentle form of treatment, because we understand the importance of maintaining his or her dental health. A healthy smile can give you child a positive self-image, and it can go a long way toward his or her overall health.


As a family dentist, we can perform a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, which are meant to improve the quality of your teeth and your smile. It can involve several procedures, which can include the following:

  • Orthodontic care
  • Crowns
  • Fixed bridges
  • Veneers
  • Implants

We at Bade’s can perform  these procedures, and we will do what we can to improve the quality of your teeth and your smile.

Bade DDS can perform everything from orthodontic care to veneers and crowns. Each procedure has its uses in certain applications, and we want to find one that’s right for your specific situation. Composite bonding is less expensive, and it can be applied in one visit. However, it’s not as durable as a veneer or crown. If you’re teeth aren’t properly aligned, an orthodontic procedure may be necessary. Braces will require the patient to come on a regular basis, but Invisalign can be worn over your teeth and can be changed at home.

We have several teeth whitening procedures, and all of them use one of two types of bleaches that can remove stains. While there are several over the counter home remedies on the market, a chairside bleaching is a more powerful solution for those stubborn stains. We have two remedies that involve a peroxide-based gel that goes in a type of tray that you can fit on your teeth, but the bleach won’t be as concentrated as you what you receive from an in-office procedure. We can advise you on the best type of method for your specific situation, so feel free to reach out to us.


If you want to find the best place for family dentistry in Hammond IN, then Bade DDS is your best option. As we’re located in Hammond,IN. we can be easily accessed from Highland or East Chicago. Daniel Bade is considered to be an expert in pain management and TMJ-related disorders.He has certifications from the American Board of Orofacial Pain and the American Academy of Pain Management, and he has served as a guest speaker at many different medical and dental societies.

When you work with us, you will experience a superior approach to family dentist, and we will make sure that you and your family will be happy with the results.

Our staff is highly trained, and we will do whatever we can to give you the quality care that you have been hoping for. Contact our office at (219) 931-3235 to find out what we can do for you and your family!