So, most of us experience the dentist phobia! Well, do you get scared of those lengthy, mundane and frightening dental treatments? Does it give you shivers when the dentist inserts a needle in the teeth? Then, you don’t need to worry anymore! We bring the best solution to fit your specific need.. So, improve your dental experience today with Waterlase Dental Laser at Bade DDS for a more comfortable yet pain-less treatment. Are you curious as to what it is? Then keep on reading!


What Is Waterlase Dentistry?

Waterlase dentistry is cutting-edge laser technology. It is used as a gentler alternative to traditional dental tools and procedures. Besides, it can treat a range of dental conditions in a less invasive manner. Waterlase uses laser energy and water spray to treat the target area.

As a result, a Waterlase dentist can conduct dental procedures without any shots. This makes the experience more convenient. So, keep on reading to know more!


But, are you curious to what else are the advantages of this dentistry? Do you want to know why its pros overpower the traditional dental procedures? Then, here you go! Waterlase dentistry has countless benefits over traditional drills and scalpels.

Here are a few benefits you can expect with Waterlase dental laser:

  • Waterlase Treatment: Greater comfortability

    Traditional tools produce heat and vibrations in the mouth. Hence, that results in discomfort and pain. But guess what? This does not happen with Waterlase. So, it is the best option for you if you fear the dreaded drill vibrations and screeches. Let’s add another benefit here. You also don’t need any anesthesia or shots during your dental procedures. Thus you can have a relaxing and virtually pain-free dental experience. So, what more does one need?

  • Waterlase dentistry: Greater convenience

    If you are tired of the multiple dental visits to deal with an issueWith a Waterlaser we can complete most of your dental needs in one visit. Moreover, water laser dentistry saves a lot of your time. Therefore, you don’t have to schedule many appointments or go to a specialist.

  • Waterlase dentistry: Improved effectiveness

    Waterlase is a gentle but effective treatment for hard and soft tissue conditions. After all, it increases the bond strength of the tooth in cavity preparations. Hence, this results in an improved filling strength and long-lasting fillings. Now it’s your time to get a longer lasting treatment. Book your appointment with the best waterlase dentist now!

  • Waterlase dentistry: Quicker recovery

    Are you tired of the long recovery periods of the traditional dental procedures? Experience faster recovery with water laser dentistry. Waterlase has a gentle cutting action and coagulation abilities. Thus, your dentist can perform it with less post-operative pain and swelling.

  • Waterlase dentistry: More hygienic

    A waterlase dentist uses disposable, single-use tips. This ensures that there are low chances of cross-contamination. Also, it can sterilize the teeth and gums while the treatment is being performed. Thus, this makes it much more hygienic.



Cosmetics and general dentistry procedures both make use of Waterlase Laser technology. Waterlase can replace traditional drills in hard tissue applications. So, waterlase dentist can use it on soft tissues of the gum for the treatment of periodontal problems. Some of the popular treatments done with Waterlase include:

Dental Fillings

With Waterlase, dental filling procedures can be carried out with least invasion. Hence, you can eat and drink right after the fillings are carried out.


A water laser dentist can remove caries or tooth decay using Waterlase. You can also opt for the removal of excess tissue growth in your mouth using this technology.

Cavity preparation

Waterlase enables the preparation of the tooth for cavity treatment without any pain. Also, it allows dentists to target only the damaged area of the tooth and keep the healthy part undamaged.

Preventing gum recession with waterlase
  1. Waterlase can take care of muscle connections that cause gum recessions.
  2. Dental Cleaning.
  3. Waterlase is well suited for deep cleaning of the teeth as well as the removal of calculus behind the gum line.
Treatment of soft tissues.

It allows for soft tissue treatments without the need for needles and scalpels. Hence, there are minimal chances of pain or infection. So, Waterlase dentist can conduct soft tissue procedures with greater success. These include gum contouring and crown lengthening.


The office of Bade DDS offers highly competent and professional dental services. Are you looking for a water laser dentist near you for a convenient and pain-free experience? Contact the office of Bade DDS today to book for an appointment.

Are you scared of needles? Then worry not! After all, we have got the best solution for you. So, find water laser dentistry near you now and bid farewell to the needle phobia!